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New propellers result in greater efficiency
New propellers for Grundfos AMG Mixers result in greater efficiency
Nueva y sencilla forma de gestionar los sistemas de riego
El contratista especializado en ingeniería del agua y deportes en cesped, MJ Abbot Limited utilizó la nueva interfaz de comunicación de datos Grundfos cuando actualizó su sistema de riego por aspersores en uno de los exclusivos campos de golf del norte de Irlanda. Para gestionar el agua utilizada, el club utiliza el popular sistema de control central TORO SitePro®, con cuenta con una característica estándar permitiendo la integración directa con los sistemas de bombeo. Sin embargo, el proceso...
Planta de calefacción urbana prueba las nuevas bombas Grundfos CR, recuperan ...
In autumn 2015, the Danish Hirtshals District Heating plant installed three CR-95 field test units from the new generation of CR multistage pumps. The plant installed two pumps at a waste incineration plant 19 kilometres away in Hjørring, and one at the halfway point on the heating transmission line in Tornby.
Proving energy and cost benefits with CIU 300 BACnet communication modules
As a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the British Columbia (BC) provincial government in Canada has provided funding for energy-optimising boiler energy retrofits in their buildings.
Pump Audit identifies 80% savings
Owners of the Mani Brothers 14-story, 232,476 sq. ft. commercial office building in West Hollywood, CA. was having problems with their potable water booster pumps.
Rejuvenating a historic port
Founded in 1536, the Argentinean capital city of Buenos Aires has always enjoyed a close relationship with water. Even today, its port is one of the busiest in South America: connections by river or ocean allow transport with the continent and the rest of the world.
Rolling A Ranch
As the nation’s all-time leading breeder of racing Quarter horses, Rolling A Ranch is home to 500 head of horses, spread out over 400 acres in the Salinas Valley in central California
SMART Digital solves off-gassing problem
Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority solves off-gassing problem with Grundfos SMART Digital.
Solucionamos los problemas de presión en la distribución local del agua
Solucionamos los problemas de presión en la distribución local del agua
Sustainable and efficient supplement to boiler heating
Solar energy is an ideal cost-saving supplement to a conventional hot water and heating system. But the challenge is to get the two systems to work seamlessly together to get the most out of the sun even on the cloudy days.