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The Grundfos Hydro MPC Booster system saves high-rise $40,000
The Figueroa at Wilshire is the fifth largest high-rise in Los Angeles, CA, at 52-stories and 1.4-million-sq. ft.
The Sagardian Brothers Farm
Located forty miles west of Fresno, CA, The Sagardia Brothers Farm covers 150 acres of rolling hills.
Thermal Engineering Systems - Water circulation Cooling Systems for Computer ...
The original requirement was to communicate Flow & Temperature information to their customer’s software system. Due to the small size of the installation the VFS fitted the application.
Turnkey solutions with intelligent controls bring wastewater pumping stations...
In Aggersund, Denmark, the local municipality decided it was time to update their 40 year old vacuum sewer system.
Two-time award winning CR-H offers water treatment facility significant ...
The Olathe Water Treatment Station #2 in Olathe, KS, agreed to participate in a field test and with the assistance of Grundfos Distributor, Pump & Power of Lenexa, KS, the Multi-Stage CR-H was installed in April, 2009 in a backwash application for membrane wash.
Un ahorro de energía del 40% no es nada…
Novo Nordisk es líder en áreas como la hemostasia, trastornos del crecimiento y terapías de sustitución de hormonas. Novo Nordisk fabrica y vende productos farmacéuticos y servicios que marcan la diferencia en los pacientes, la profesión medica y la sociedad.
Uni-wing lobe keeps the olive oil flowing
Tucked away in Mendoza, Argentina, the Gabutti family is skilled at producing grape oil, varietal wines, olives in brine and not least extra-virgin olive oil.